How to Know this Course is for YOU

You are sick of just being given protocols and supplements that you are told to take with no context as to what they do or why you need them.

You’ve tried so many natural doctors and protocols and you feel even more confused than when you started your healing journey.

You want to SIMPLIFY your healing journey. No more crazy expensive supplements, no more $1000 doc appointments, no more chasing symptoms and supplements.

Your natural or functional doc ghosted you after you asked too many questions or you weren’t improving and they said they couldn’t help you.

You are ready to become empowered in your own healing journey.

You want to truly understand how to help yourself and your family with natural remedies.

You will learn healing tips like:


·      The best teas for liver health 

·      The most effective way to heal histamine intolerance 

·      The herbs that can help you calm anxiety, uplift your mood, and help you sleep through the night

·      Which foods can be inflammatory 

·      Why you keep getting stuck in your healing journey 

·      How trauma influences your physical and mental health 

·      Why you can’t lose weight despite dieting and exercising 

·      Why we are all dealing with such severe chronic health issues 

·      How EASY it can truly be to heal yourself and your family with simple herbs, inexpensive remedies, and easy to implement healing tools.

This course will teach you exactly how we've helped people heal over the last decade.

The best part? It's 100% at your own pace with lifetime access. You can learn and implement the suggestions as slowly as you need to or as quickly as you'd like!

AND it's 1/2 the price of our HTMA program, which is perfect for those that want to work with us but can't.

What’s Included in this Bundle

  • 5 Entire Courses
  • 48 Video Lessons
  • 11 Special Bonuses
  • Around 12 hours of Video Lessons

The 5 Pillars of Holistic Health

Gut Healing

Gut issues are one of the biggest causes of chronic illness for many reasons: we need a healthy gut to absorb our food and nutrients, our gut is directly related to our immune system, and our gut is our second brain (so mental health issues have a massive link to gut issues).

Nervous System

Your nervous system influences your entire body: digestion, brain function, mood, detox, hormones, and more.

When the nervous system is dysregulated, nothing can function correctly. Even worse- when there has been severe physical or emotional trauma, the nervous system can go into chronic survival mode, which makes it impossible to heal.

Whole Food Nutrition

FOOD IS MEDICINE! This course goes over the importance of 18 minerals and all of the main vitamins. You will learn the function of these nutrients and where to find them in food, as well as how to increase absorption and utilization.

Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic stress leads to adrenal issues- the adrenals are the emergency glands of the body. Regain your energy and vitality, reduce stress, and regain your power by supporting your adrenals with holistic healing modalities.

Detox Support

With years of chronic stress, our bodies can't properly detox toxins. Learn how to properly support whole-body detox in a safe and holistic way with food, herbs, and holistic healing modalities.

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Who this course is for

This course is for everyone. Literally, everyone. I have been a practitioner in the natural health world for so long now and I have spoken to so many thousands of people during this time. I am also frustrated at the large amount of disconnect in the healing world.

  • Clients are not told anything about how their bodies work.
  • Clients are sent away with a basket full of supplements in their first appointment (often because they “muscle tested” for it and claimed you needed them all).
  • Clients are told to detox, detox, detox without even a thought to nutrition or detox pathways.

A very large majority of the HTMA clients we get have these 3 exact stories. Many of them have been elsewhere and they had bad reactions to things and had their health worsen even more.

Our approach to healing involves whole food nutrition, herbal remedies, and other natural remedies to help bring the body back into balance. Healing also requires the understanding that we need rest to heal as well. You cannot just supplement your way out of chronic illness. Slowing down and learning to find peace and joy is also essential for healing.

Our healing approach has always been simple, holistic, and truly based on whole body healing.

You cannot just force the body to detox after years of depletion and sickness.

You cannot just expect your body to work after a few weeks of new items.

You cannot expect natural remedies to work like medications- they are actually trying to heal your body, not just manage symptoms.

This course was designed to teach everyone the big basics of overall foundational care. We ALL need foundational care- but we all have different levels of illness and the time frame for healing can be different.

This course will teach you exactly how we've helped people heal over the years.

What Our Students Say

"I took the gut healing course and I LOVED IT! Just the first lesson was worth the $. Such great information! Kristin breaks everything down in such an easy and understandable way. I learned soooo much! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who really wants a good understanding of how the body works as a whole. I’m hoping she does another course in the near future."

- D.C.

"I'd advise anyone looking to learn more about minerals to consider taking this course (Whole Food Nutrition course). This course provided the foundation for me and now I'm even more interested in taking the full HTMA course to learn more and to be able to offer the test to my own clients."


"Thank you so much for this resource. Having all of this information in one spot is so helpful, and everything makes perfect sense. I am already feeling better with some of the basic ideas talked about in this course." ~Lisa R.~

"Loved it!! Kristin is the absolute best instructor! So easy to understand, learned so much. Hope there are more courses planned. FABULOUS!! I LOOOOVE THESE COURSES! I'M NOW MOTIVATED TO START MY HEALING JOURNEY!" ~D.C.~

For our HTMA clients, we usually approach healing in a few big steps:

The BEST order for healing and following this program is as follows: Gut, Nervous System, Nutrition, Adrenals, and then Detox. This way you can heal, build up strength, and then work up to detox (which takes up a lot of energy).

  • Gut Healing: to help with absorbing nutrients better from food, to reduce overall inflammation, to heal the immune system, and to improve mental health and overall wellness.
  • Nervous System Healing: to help with healing from the stress of having a chronic illness, to help the body recover from years of stress and trauma, to help calm down overall stress in the body, and to improve everything (digestion, detox, hormones- all can be influenced by the nervous system).
  • Whole Food Nutrition: Nutrients work best from FOOD, period. The first 2 steps are essential to help your body utilize food better- it’s not always the food that is the issue. It is about healing the damage from our previous diets and stress so that we can better utilize food. Your body knows how to utilize food and absorb what it needs. Supplementation creates more imbalances in the long term and it is not going to address any underlying issues that could be going on.
  • Adrenal Fatigue Healing: The adrenals are the emergency glands of the body. With years of poor diet and chronic stress, the adrenals take a pretty big hit. It’s important to understand how adrenal issues contribute to a sluggish metabolism, inability to lose weight, hormone issues, and so much more. Just like with nervous system healing, we need to nourish, love, and support our bodies FIRST before even thinking about detox.
  • Holistic Detox Support: Our bodies are constantly trying to detox, but in our toxic, depleted states it can be incredibly hard. This is why our livers start to get overloaded and store toxins in fat until the liver can get to them again. Leaky gut leads to lymph stress as toxins pass through the gut lining and make their way into the lymph. The colon slows down when our bodies lack energy and nutrients to bring toxins out effectively. This is why detox support should be last for a large majority of people. Heal, nourish, rest, and replenish first- then detox.

BONUSES Included in this Course Bundle

($250 value, yours free with this bundle)


Gut Healing Course Bonuses:

  • Ebook: My Favorite Herbs, Foods, and Supplements
  • Printout: Gut Healing Essentials Checklist
  • Special Post: Main Steps to Take for Gut Healing


Nervous System Course Bonus

  • Printout: Self Care Journal ( a 15 page printable journal to help you stay consistent in your healing journey)


Adrenal Fatigue Course Bonuses

  • Article: Women's Health, Copper, and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Ebook: Sleeping Tips Guide


Whole Food Nutrition Bonus:

  • Article: Getting the Most Out of your Diet with Whole Food Nutrition


Holistic Detox Support Course Bonuses

  • Video: Detoxing While Pregnant or Nursing
  • Video: Detoxing for Kids
  • Video: How to Deal with Detox Reactions
  • Post: Bioray Detox Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this course take to complete?
That's entirely up to you! It's about 12 hours of video content, plus many articles and short ebooks. You can take as long as you need to get through it all since it's self-paced and you will have this information forever.

Do you offer refunds?
Since this is a downloadable product, once you purchase the course it's 100% yours.

What can I expect from enrolling in this course?
You will learn all about holistic health and how to heal your body. Over the years, we've had hundreds of people take these courses and they've been able to heal themselves from symptoms like being overweight, chronic fatigue, and so much more.

Can we work with you 1-on-1?
Yes! We offer the Total Body Healing HTMA Program through as well, which using mineral testing to determine the overall state of your health. With this program, we help to match remedies for your personally so you don't have to guess what would be the best course of action.

Holistic Health is the medicine of the future.

After nearly a decade of helping thousands of people find their healing path, I have created this course with the intention of giving you the most important tools you will need to heal yourself.

This bundle includes my 5 most important and popular courses: Gut, Nervous System, Whole Food Nutrition, Adrenals, and Detox Support.

Read more about Sassy Holistics here.