About 7 years ago, my health hit rock bottom.

I was dealing with chronic issues for most of my adult life, but the WORST thing possible happened to me:
I couldn’t even EAT or DRINK without gut pain.

This experience is what lead me into the world of natural health.

I saw countless doctors and none of them ever gave me a real solution- only more medications and invasive procedures that didn’t even guarantee results.

As my health declined further with their suggestions, I decided enough was enough.

My gut pain issues lasted for about 5 months before I finally went my own way.

I ditched their medications and started using aloe vera and apple cider vinegar and on the FIRST DAY of using these, my gut pain was gone and I could eat more foods!

Within a month, I was basically back to normal.

That experience is what lead me to get into nutrition. Now, I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences with a concentration in Clinical Nutrition.
I have several certifications in herbal medicine, HTMA, and other natural health practices.

For 5 years now, I have been using HTMA and whole food nutrition to help thousands of people heal their gut (and the rest of their bodies!).

I have made it my mission to actually help people HEAL instead of getting dependent on pills forever, pills that don’t even always work.

Increase Digestive Fire
Increase Digestive Fire

Learn how to increase nutrient absorption properly with food and herbs like lemon, ACV, and more!

Heal Your Microbiome
Heal Your Microbiome

Learn how to actually repopulate your gut microbiome with fermented foods and other holistic items.

Which Diet is Best?
Which Diet is Best?

Learn which diet is best for gut healing and overall health and wellness.

Do you deal with any of the following issues?



Chronic Headaches

Hair loss or slow growth

Weak nails


Chronic Illness of any kind

Brain fog



Blood sugar imbalances

Food intolerance

Skin issues like acne and eczema

Weight issues

If you answered yes to any of those symptoms, then you likely have gut issues!

This course will help you pinpoint what you need to do to heal your gut and resolve these symptoms.

Gut healing is the most important piece of the puzzle when you are on the road to better health.

If your gut isn’t healthy, you aren’t either- it’s that simple.

The term "leaky gut" is everywhere these days and with good reason. If our gut is not functioning at full capacity, we just cannot be healthy.

Unfortunately, there are 1001 ways to heal the gut- and not all of them work, and many of them are not actually natural.

In my own nutritional practice, I focus on ways to actually HEAL the gut instead of getting dependent on supplements.

This course will go over why we are dealing with such severe gut issues, how to actually heal your gut, and what to avoid to prevent further issues in the future.

Our gut health is so critical for many other parts of our body- when it is isn't working correctly, it can influence our brain health, detox system, immune system, thyroid, adrenals, and more! It is often the first thing that needs to be addressed in order to properly heal.

While it was an "easy" fix for my own gut issues, it is not always the same solution for everyone- there are many aspects involved in gut healing.

This course will help you to determine what your issues are and how to solve them.

Who this Course is For

I designed this course for those that are wanting to truly understand how their bodies work and how to heal. After 5+ years as a holistic health nutritionist, I have seen one big trend with my clients:

Those that learn more about health have an easier time healing. 

When you can know WHY certain foods, herbs, or holistic practices will help or hurt you, it is so much easier to stick with your plan. PLUS it becomes easier to get in tune with your body, which is absolutely essential for healing. When you know what herbs and foods are good for which issues, then it is easier for you to ask yourself, “what do I need right now?” Learning how to listen to your inner voice and following your intuition makes healing a lot simpler.

YOU are your own healer! You have everything within you to heal and the information in this course will help give you the knowledge you need to truly heal yourself.

Investing in your health and wellness is always a good idea, and the lessons you will learn in this course will stick with you for a lifetime. If you go through stressful times, you can always come back and relearn the tips you'll need to help you get back to better health.

This course goes over what a healthy diet consists of, how to fix your digestive fire, how to heal an inflamed gut lining, how to fix your microbiome, and so much more.

I put ALL of my personal favorite remedies so you can work on actually healing your gut instead of just managing symptoms.

I use these with my own clients as well, and most of them I have used myself with great success.

Lesson 1: WHY we need to heal the gut

You will learn the main reasons why everyone is dealing with gut issues, from toxins, medications, to poor diets.

Lesson 2: The Best Diet for Healing the Gut

This lesson outlines what to eat and what to avoid in order to help heal your gut.BUT it is not going to give a boring meal plan that everyone needs to follow- just basic guidelines so you can create your own best diet.

Lesson 3: Fixing Stomach acid and Healing the Gut Lining

You will learn the common symptoms of LOW stomach acid and an inflamed gut lining, and how you can fix these issues naturally.

Lesson 4: Healing the Liver- Get that Bile Flowing!

One of the MOST important lessons in this whole course!Your liver is SO crucial to your health as it has over 500 functions.You’ll learn signs and symptoms of liver dysfunction and how to heal it, plus why bile is so important for proper digestion.

Lesson 5: Histamine Intolerance

Many people are dealing with histamine issues these days, which can be troubling if we need to heal the gut.Many of the popular gut healers are high in histamine.This will help you to figure out which gut healers are ok to use even if you have histamine issues.

Lesson 6: Healing the Microbiome

The microbiome is another huge aspect in gut healing.This lesson will help you to figure out how to repopulate your gut naturally!

Lesson 7: Healing the Colon

Not many people are talking about the colon, but it is another crucial thing to learn about.We need our colons to be working properly in order to heal!You will learn about the common colon issues and how you can heal them.

Lesson 8: Gut Healing for Kids

This lesson is just for kids! Learn all of my favorite gut healers for kids and what is safe for them to use.

With this course, you will get these FREE amazing bonuses as well.

BONUS Section: My Favorite Herbs, Foods and Supplements is a 14 page guide ($15 Value)

This guide outlines ALL of my favorite remedies that I recommend to my own clients. It outlines where you can find these items, how to use them, and how to know which supplements or foods will be best for you depending on your symptoms.

BONUS SECTION: Gut Healing Essential Checklist ($10 Value)

This checklist has all of our favorite remedies and steps for gut healing in ONE place! It's the best way to see what you've already tried or what you're missing on your healing journey.

BONUS SECTION: Main Steps to Take for Gut Healing ($10 Value)

This section has a guide on all of the top remedies I recommend for the main steps in gut healing. You will get actionable steps to take to heal your gut yourself.

Praise for this Gut Healing Course

"I Took the gut healing course and I LOVED IT! Just the first lesson was worth the $. Such great information! Kristin breaks everything down in such an easy and understandable way. I learned soooo much! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who really wants a good understanding of how the body works as a whole. I’m Hoping she does another course in the near future"

- D.C.

“Clear, concise, and helpful tips for healing the gut.”


Health Coach

"Practical tips for gut healing. I especially loved learning WHY we have such such problems."


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. PLUS you will have access to any and all future updates to the course!

Hi, I’m Kristin!

Kristin is a holistic nutritionist that has been using HTMA and mineral balancing in her practice. She is a huge advocate for gut healing, and it's almost always the first step in her protocols for clients. Without a healthy gut, we just cannot be healthy! In order to get minerals balanced, we need to be able to absorb and utilize them correctly. She also implements whole food nutrition and detox support in her healing protocols, and now she is sharing her knowledge with everyone else so they can learn how to heal.

Kristin runs the holistic website Sassyholistics.com where you can learn more about mineral balancing and its importance in overall health. She has been helping people heal from chronic illnesses over the last few years with her nutritional practice and is now working on sharing her methods with other practitioners so that they can do the same.